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Dark Souls 3 – A Love / Hate Relationship

Not too long ago I completed Dark Souls 3 for the fifth time (first on PC). This run included also the latest DLC Ashes of Ariandel which I never played before.

It took me quite a while to complete the game, especially the DLC, because I didn’t play it from a long time, but mainly because the DLC bosses are freaking hard. It took me two days only to defeat Sister Friede!

By the way, I played my first run on Dark Souls 3 on, and everything is recorded. Due to this, I was also able to clip all the boss fights so you can use them to see what weapons and strategy I used to kill them, and eventually defeat them in your own run!

The only boss missing in this playlist is the Ancient Wyvern because it is not really a boss fight. It’s a run through its battlefield until I jump on its head for a deadly one-shot attack.

Enjoy the videos!

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