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Resident Evil 7, Is It Worth the Money?

I purchased and completed the last Resident Evil 7: Biohazard last week.

I wasn’t sure about the game because I read many reviews and posts about people complaining about it, especially of the choice to use the first person camera instead of third person like the other Resident Evil games, but I have to admit that I liked it a lot!

Is It Scary?

It is scary, not as much as I thought it would be, but it is scary. There are those typical moments of any horror game that make you jump from the chair, and they caught me too if you saw the stream or the recordings.

I can’t imagine how it would be to play it in VR, I’m sure it would be very scary! I read a review on a website and the author wrote that he had to play in sessions of one hour in VR because it was too scary and he just couldn’t keep up with it and with the anxiety.

You always have that feeling that someone is following you, even if you know exactly that something will happen only if you can hear the music changing. But any little noise will make you turn around to check if a molted or maybe Eveline are behind you.

Is It Worth The Money?

Absolutely. I enjoyed the game, I completed it in 9 hours and it was a very nice game. I think my experience was a bit different since I played it on stream, so people where around in the chat making the game less scary, but still I jumped from the chair quite some times!

Also consider that I’m not really a fan of the series. I played only Resident Evil 2 and 3, and then this one, I missed many of them until the 7 and this one can’t compare to the 3rd chapter in my opinion, but it still is a very good game that should be played at least once.

This game reminds me a lot of F.E.A.R.. Maybe it’s only because of Eveline, the child that you will meet in the game, or because it’s in first person. I could say that Resident Evil 7 is a mix between F.E.A.R. and a Resident Evil. It has all the concepts of a Resident Evil, like low ammunitions and medikits, but also something from the FPS F.E.A.R. like the first person camera and Eveline.

Again, I’d recommend you to play this game. If you are a fan of the series I’m sure you will like it, if you are not, you will like it too since it’s not so connected to the other chapters. I didn’t play many of them, as I already said, but I had no problems in understanding the story.

Do You Have Some Gameplay Videos To Show Me?

Of course I do! Here is a playlist of the boss fights in Resident Evil 7. If you want, you can also see my complete playthrough on Twitch.

What Do You Think About It?

Will you purchase the game or did you play it already? What do you like about it? Tell me in the comments!

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