Hello! I’m Nicola!

I’m 25 years old and I live in Bucharest, Romania, and I’m originally from a small city in Italy where I grow up.

I started streaming in January 2017 on Twitch as a variety streamer. I play any kind of games I like, from RPG to FPS, and occasionally I also stream web development and coding. I usually stream in the evening (GMT+2), but I might start earlier sometimes.

Me and a polar bear at the Natural History Museum in Oslo

I love dancing standard, latin and caribbean dances and playing air-soft. Also I like to read anything that is fantasy and sci-fi.

I like nature and having walks in the woods or in parks, I love travelling and see new things, taste new dishes, do something new and exciting.

Since I like to travel, I visited many places in my life, some thanks to the company I work for, some with my friends.

The most far I went is San Francisco in November 2014. It has been amazing and exciting because it was my first time in U.S. and the first time I met my colleagues.

Other places I visited are Sanremo, Rome, Naples, Lecce, Turin, Milan, Prague, Kraków, Moscow, Berlin, Oslo, Vancouver, Montreal, Park City and many others.

You should also know that I love carnival and Halloween. If you are curious to see some of my costumes visit my Instagram profile.

About my nicknames

My main nickname is SiR DanieL. It comes from Sir Daniel Fortesque, the protagonist of the video game for PSX MediEvil.

Sir Daniel Fortesque was way too long, so I started using only SiR DanieL (with capitals as it’s written here). But for my friends it was still to long, so they started calling me Daniel, which ended up being only D.

Another nickname I use when SiR DanieL is not available is Gnabbo (pronounced like Nyabbo). It’s origin is a bit long, it started being Pingu Gnap Gnap from the cartoon Pingu but again, this was too long, so I started using Gnappo.

Gnabbo comes from a pun with Gnappo and Noob. Noob in Italian is translated with Niubbo and/or Nabbo. So my friends, to troll me, started using Gnabbo.