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Learning Languages Online

It’s always hard to learn a new language, especially if it’s completely different from yours. For me, in example, would be very easy to learn Romanian, or Spanish, because they are both latin languages. But I don’t like easy things!

I started studying Russian, and I’m loving it. It’s challenging. It uses a completely different alphabet, it has completely different words (even if some are similar to Italian).

The only problem, is that I don’t actually have time to follow a real course, with a teacher, in a class, and also, I have no idea at all if there’s any Russian course where I live.

So, I started looking at online learning platforms and I found three of them. I’m going to review all of them in this article to help you choose the one that you prefer in the case that you are searching for one as well, and I’m going to use the Russian course as an example here, because is the one that I registered on all of them.

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