By subscribing to one of the plans below I’ll receive automatically a recurring donation from you every month. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Why Should I Subscribe?

By being a subscriber you get benefits in Discord and Twitch. There are several of them, based also on the Tier you choose. You can see a breakdown table below.

Also, subscriptions help me to improve the stream and to give you better content every day.

Subscription Plans

Tier 1
$ 4.99/mo
Discord Role
500 Extra Currency/mo in Chat
1.5x Currency Multiplier in Chat
Priority to Play With Me
50% off Song Requests Price
Tier 2
$ 9.99/mo
Discord Role
1000 Extra Currency/mo in Chat
2.5x Currency Multiplier in Chat
Priority to Play With Me
75% off Song Requests Price
Custom Command
Twitter Follow
Tier 3
$ 19.99/mo
Discord Role
2000 Extra Currency/mo in Chat
4x Currency Multiplier in Chat
Priority to Play With Me
Free Song Requests
Custom Command
Twitter Follow
Twitter Shout Out
Custom Audio Command

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I subscribe?

You can subscribe by clicking on the button Subscribe Now from the tables above. You will be redirected to GameWisp, the platform used for subscriptions on my channel.

What is the benefit Discord Role and how do I get it?

If you joined my Discord server you probably noticed that there’s a channel named #subs. That channel is only accessible to Subscribers. Once you subscribe, you’ll get a special role on my Discord server that will give you access to the channel #subs. Also, you will appear separately in the Online users list in Discord and with a new color that highlights that you are a Subscriber.

To get it, simply connect your GameWisp account to Discord by following this tutorial.

How much currency do I get on sign-up?

It depends on the Tier you chose. Tier 1 Subscribers receive 500 currency on Twitch, Tier 2 receive 1000 and Tier 3 receive 2000. The currency is issued to your Twitch account every month if you renew.

Also, you get a currency multiplier that will allow you to get currency faster on Twitch.
For Tier 1 Subscribers the multiplier is 1.5, for Tier 2 it is 2.5 and for Tier 3 it’s 4.

What do I use the Twitch currency for?

You can use it for song requests and mini-games. Song requests cost 20 currency for non-subscribers. Tier 1 subscribers pay 10 currency instead, and Tier 2 pay 5. Song requests for Tier 3 Subscribers are free.

To know more about how to request songs and mini-games check the panel Commands on Twitch.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time from GameWisp. To do so, log in GameWisp and go to Subscriptions > Manage Subscriptions. Find the subscription to my channel from the list of your active subscriptions and click on Change plan. It will open a pop-up and you will see a red Cancel Subscription link. Click on it to cancel your subscription.

What happens when I cancel my subscription?

GameWisp won’t charge you from the month after you cancel your subscription. You will still receive the benefits for the current month if you already renewed your subscription.

Ok! I want to subscribe!

Awesome! You’re amazing! Choose one of the plans from the tables above or from GameWisp! Thank you so much!